CAPRIBIOMART is an online store created by Caprienzymes with the intention to reach out more customers of particular stream and promotion of brand among consumers. Caprienzymes is a brisk looming biotechnology enterprise working towards the mission of replacing restricted chemicals wherever possible through enzymes and bio-products, thus converting the traditional chemical process into conventional bioprocess with the vision of attaining an eco-future.

CAPRIBIOMART provides the joy of convenience to the customers who can buy things while sitting at their place, also we give complete description about the product thus helping the customers make decision quickly about the purchase. We help improving customer relationship by attaining better understanding of customers purchase habits.

Caprienzymes deals with enzymes and bio-products for leather, textile, detergent, animal and poultry nutrition, aquaculture, effluent treatment, bio-surfactants, agriculture and other bio-products. This online store helps the customers select the enzymes and bio-products based on their specific applications. We offer enzymes with high grade activity, with better stability and shelf-life.

Caprienzymes offers technical assistance related to the environmental and water management solutions for the optimization of water purification process through enzymatic microbial formulation to suit the Leather, Textile, Aqua and Paper industries thereby controlling efficiently BOD & COD using our enzymatic microbial products.

Caprienzymes with their efficient production & R & D team can work with innovative ideas for the customized products and as per the industrial needs in leather, textile and detergents. We can work on contractual manufacturing for the reputed companies right from raw material procurement, customized production with eco-friendly ingredients till packing; Batch wise testing reports from QC lab, all GMP, REACH & MRSL norms will be followed while formulating products. Neutral packing is available for all our customized products as per the requirement of the end user.

Our full fledged marketing and technical team will support all areas in India as well as in abroad coordinating with distributor network and specific field trials will be conducted by our Biotech personals’. Brochure, pamphlets and necessary technical information will be provided during our field trip as well as continuous communication with the industrial users and consumers. Bioprocess methods in Leather, Textile and detergent divisions as well as in aqua, pharma industries and waste water treatment will be guided with our specialized team who will be able to assist for the environmental issues & solutions.

We work on customized formulation for end to end use as per the guidelines of the industrial specialist especially leather, textile, detergent, food and feed, pharma and agri. A new dimension for Biotechnology have been focused especially in agricultural, our commitment is to provide you best in class high quality bioproducts including bio-fertilizers , bio-pesticides, Probiotics feed supplement using our enzymes and microbial technology improving the micro nutrients of the soil.

Our efficient R & D team in our firm as well as our collaboration partners in R & D will work in coordination to conduct field trials throughout India as well as in other countries to give perfect solution and innovative ideas on the need based requirements. Field trials will be conducted by our Research associates and with the eminent scientist to work on the specific targets using our innovative product based ideas. Our global partners will visit you from Europe, Japan & from other countries for the technology support in the field trials.